Hi My Name is Danny

A Little About Me

I am a mobile and NUI (Kinect and Leap Motion) freelance developer and project manager living in Bogota, CO. I started freelancing in 2009 and have worked for a wide range of personal clients and agencies.

I offer a complete software solution to my clients. I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture and user experience, design your app, and finally build the software for you.

My Skills

Project Management 100%
Adobe Air (iOS, Android & Desktop) 100%
Kinect Development 80%
Leap Motion Development 80%
Web Development 70%

More About Me?

I am a Multimedia Engineer, graduated in the "Nueva Granada" University, i have 4 years of experience in software development. I am also a musician, i love to play the piano pieces of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others.

What I Love

I love to research, innovate and create products that generate positive changes in our society. I like to serve people, and use my talents to help them.

Work Hard

Also I am a project manager, I count with many developers and designers, if you need a large project within a short time, you can count on me for its development.

Ready To Go

Do not hesitate to contact me:
Email: danny[at]dannycortes.com
Twitter: @dannycortesv
Skype: dannycortesv

Latests Works

Some Recent Projects

These are a couple of projects :)

Lista Initiative

Cosmic Map 3

Campesino Embejucao

Metlife FootBall Kinect Game

Bananas Leap Motion Game


Renault kinect showcase

Music as body motion

Totto Kinect Dressing Room



Prices, articles, and words from others about me...

Music body motion

This is amazing work and is representative of what talented people can do to produce game-changing applications for education. Keep Danny on your radar for future developments! Read more from www.kinecteducation.com

Kinect Mobile NI for Nokia

Such device integration will definitely change the way we look at devices and the accessibility of such things will push the age of technology to a new level! Read more from www.kinecthacks.com

Rastrum (Best 2012 Colombian social app)

Unos grandes rivales para Rastrum, pues competía directamente con aplicaciones de marcas reconocidas como Renault y Carvajal. Pero Rastrum no tenía nada que envidiarle a estas otras aplicaciones y se levantó con el trofeo cuando Sandra Bessudo, Directora de la Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación internacional, la nombro como la ganadora a mejor aplicación social del 2012. Read more from www.tecnogger.co

Contact Me

Get in touch

I am available for freelance jobs. Please contact me and send me your questions and inquiries.

danny[at]dannycortes.com | Skype: dannycortesv | +57 3142160428 | Bogotá, Colombia

Lista Initiative

iOS and Android Educational app for tablets. Developed using Starling, Adobe Air, SQLite, WebServices with CodeIgniter, SMS Webservices and multiple mini games. "The groundbreaking LISTA tablet app helps thousands of poor women and their families access information and financial training so they can learn to budget and save without having to travel far from their homes" from www.listainitiative.com.

Cosmic Map 3

iOS app for iPad, with educational enterprise content. Developed using Starling, Adobe Air, SQLite, WebServices with CodeIgniter, and multiple mini games.

Campesino Embejucao

Mobile Game, for smartphones and tablets. IOS and Android with a Colombian thematic, using the acelerometer sensor, native extensions, facebook and twitter native share components, with multiple mini games.

MetLife Football Kinect Game

Desktop app for kinect with a football thematic. Kinect app developed using Adobe Air, webservices, touch keyboard, user mask mirror, physics and photo email campaign.

Bananas Leap Game

Leap Motion game with a bananas thematic. App developed using Starling, and the Leap Motion controller, particles, and more.


Web e commerce project. Project Management for a PHP project developed under CodeIgniter framework. The entire process where made by us: project planning, research, architecture, user experience, design and development.

Renault kinect showcase

This is a kinect project, built as a car showcase, that let the users to customize the color, position, design elements, and navigate through the app.

Music as body motion

This project provides a place for users to interact with the music (in this case Minuet in G by JS Bach) by the interaction of the human body movements with the digital interface the user can define the musical discourse of each note in the song. This installation creates a new sensory-motor experience with the aim of enrich the relationship between music and natural human movements. There is a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHzlu0EaexE

Totto Kinect Dressing Room

This is a dressing room with the kinect as a controller. The user can choose multiple kind of cloth, move it, set the size and thake photos.